A look back at Rooney

Compared to lots of the well known faces in the football world Rooney is a new one. He has actually been playing football semi professionally since the age of 10 when he joined the Everton youth team. Born in 1985 he now plays for both Manchester United and the England National Team.
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He actually made his debut into professional football in 2002 and immediately grabbed people’s attention by becoming the Premier Leagues youngest goals scorer.


He spent two seasons at Merseyside club, Everton before moving to Manchester United as part of an estimated L25 million deal. He has won a number of awards since then including the Premier League numerous times, the 2007-2008 UEFA Champions League and the League Cup.

Even further back than this he made his debut for the England team in 2003. A year later he took part in the 2004 Euro league and become the youngest goal scorer. It is no surprise that he went onto play for England in the world cup, playing his first match in 2006.

In April 2009 Wayne married his long term girlfriend Colleen and she gave birth to their first son Kai Wayne Rooney in the winter of that same year.

Due to his face being so recognizable from his football talents he has been asked to take part in a number of advertising campaigns, including Nokia, Nike, Coca Cola and Asda. Colleen also has a number of her own media endorsements including magazine columns and her own fashion TV series for ITV 2.